Group Lessons

1 Hour -  £25.00

45 Minutes £20.00 

30 Minutes £15.00 

Taster/Lead rein Lessons


Up to 2 Riders for £17.50

3+ Riders for £15.50

Semi-Private Lessons (Up to 2 Riders)

15 Minutes £17.50 

30 Minutes £29.00 


Semi-Private Lessons (3+ Riders)

30 Minutes £24.00

Private Lessons

15 Minutes £20.00 

30 Minutes £ 35.00 

*Includes lessons for 2 -4 year olds accompanied whilst riding by a parent or guardian.

Lesson Cancellation Policy:

You must give a minimum of 24-hours notice if you wish to cancel or rearrange your lesson, otherwise you will be liable to pay 100% of the lesson fee.

Cancellation of semi-private or private lessons is subject to £25 administration fee 

All riders must have completed a Rider Registration Form which can be accessed and printed at the button below:

Lead Rein – 15 Mins (Private)
The lead rein lessons are for those who have never ridden before. The pupil learns the basic rules of riding with help of a leader for each pupil and pony.
Taster – 15 Mins (Private)
The beginner lessons are for those aiming to be able to walk off the lead rein and demonstrating co-ordination. Pupils will also learn to steer their horse/pony around the arena.
Very Novice – 30 Mins Group (Saturdays and Sundays)
The aim of the Very Novice lessons is to be able to walk, trot and steer their horse/pony around the arena without assistance. Pupils will learn to ride lead file, which is riding as the first horse/pony in the group. Furthermore, pupils learn to lead and hold their horse/pony as well as getting them ready to mount without assistance. Pupils will also start learning to canter (with aider).
Novice – 45 Minutes Group  (Saturdays and Sundays )
The Novice lessons aim to improve the pupil's co-ordination and control of their horse/pony in walk, trot and canter. This lesson may also include jumping small cross poles of up to 20cm
Intermediate – 1 Hour Group (Saturdays and Sundays)
The intermediate lessons aim to improve overall riding ability and to begin understanding the further technicalities of riding, including jumping between 20 cm and 60 cm. At this level, riders will be expected to be able to adjust their stirrups and girth.
Experienced – 1 Hour Group (Sundays)
The aim at this level is to have a thorough knowledge of riding at a higher standard. At this level riders will be expected to be confident to perform direct transitions, lateral work and jumping a course of at least 60 cm and upwards.

Semi-Private and Private Lessons can be arranged by appointment and content will be specific to the pupils experience levels as detailed above.